How to Double Bitcoins in 1 Hour

Today on the Internet you can find many offers to double your bitcoins in 1 hour. Fortunately, cryptocurrency world does not stand still and moves forward with great speed, just look at the number of cryptocurrencies appearing every day — this tells a lot. There are many ambitious people, who want to build new world, but there are also many people, who desire to earn much without doing anything for this. Let`s consider, if it is possible to double your bitcoins in 1 hour.

How to Double Bitcoins in 1 Hour
Bitcoin Doubler (BTC Doubler) in 1 Hour

Bitcoin Doubler in 1 Hour — Receiving a Profit

To double your bitcoin using an investment you have to do extra transactions at the platform, due to which the investment platform make a profit, and it is almost impossible to implement this process in 1 hour. You do not think, that after you have made an investment, somebody pays your invested money and profit from his own wallet. The investment project brings income not only you, but also its owners, because it is business primarily, that is created for making profit, but not for money distribution.

Double Bitcoins in 1 Hour — BTC Transaction

After you have made a transaction on a wallet address of Bitcoin Doubler, your transaction will be sent to the BTC network and for the transaction to be completed it must be included to a block, what happens while mining and new blocks discovering by miners. Only after this process your transaction will be considered legal. Most bitcoin doublers demand 2-5 confirmations, that takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour (and sometimes even more, depending on a fee). In such a way, we can see that in fact it is impossible to double bitcoins in 1 hour.

Double Bitcoins in 1 Hour — Conclusion

Based on the foregoing, we may confidently claim that you should not trust a bitcoin doubler site, offering you to double your BTC in 1 hour. To hack Bitcoin, as well as a transaction, is impossible. What is possible to hack is a website that has access to your bitcoins, but this is another story, because today it is also almost impossible.

Take care of yourself, your savings and invest wisely.

Always with you Bitcoin Doubler 2x team.

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