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$530 Million Cryptocurrency Heist May Be Biggest Ever

A cryptocurrency exchange in Japan is coming under government scrutiny after it said hackers stole $530 million from its users. The exchange, Coincheck, has promised to partially refund the 260,000 cryptocurrency investors affected by the theft, although it didn’t say when it would do so or where it’s getting the money from. The hacking at [Read more…]

Top 6 Biggest Bitcoin Hacks Ever

We want to tell you about some of the biggest Bitcoin hack incidents that have happened in the history of cryptocurrencies. This will make you aware that THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Top 6 Most Epic Bitcoin Hacks Throughout History It’s always good to learn from historical events because we agree with what Winston Churchill once said: [Read more…]

Raul Pal: Bitcoin Can Reach $1 mln in Just 4 Years

Raul Pal, the investor and CEO of Real Vision, considers that global economic crisis can make Bitcoin world reserve currency. According to the ex-manager of Global Sachs hedge fund, the rate of the first cryptocurrency can exceed $1 mln in 4 years already. Bitcoin can function as a reserve currency and become a background for [Read more…]

Michael Novogratz: Bitcoin and Ethereum Continue Growing

Michael Novogratz, the founder of cryptocurrency fund Galaxy Digital, thinks that after Bitcoin miners` reward halving investors will continue purchasing cryptocurrencies. In his interview on CNBC Fast Money Novogratz has stressed that institutional investors go on demonstrating interest in the first cryptocurrency. “I expect that people will buy back at $8000 or $8500. We see [Read more…]

Bitcoin Outlived Website Announced its “Death”

To this day mainstream-media has announced about “death” of Bitcoin 380 times already, however the first cryptocurrency is not only still alive, but also it has outlived the very site, first predicting its sunset. CEO of British cryptocurrency exchange Danny Scott has drawn attention to this. He writes on his Twitter: “The first website to [Read more…]

Research: BitMEX Increases Bitcoin Network Load

BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange is involved in significant overstatement of the average size of fees in Bitcoin network. The research of the developer under nickname 0xb10c informs about this. According to the research, BitMEX increases Bitcoin network load daily at the same time. That leads to significant growth of total fees volume approximately at 1,7 [Read more…]

Poll: 46% of BTC Holders Store Their Crypto Assets on Hardware Wallets

According to the poll published by Reddit, most cryptocurrency holders store their BTC on hardware wallets, also they have a reserve paper copy of private keys. Reddit`s user under nickname gunnaj published results of the cryptocurrency owners survey, conducted by him while writing his doctoral thesis. He asked 339 respondents five questions related to BTC [Read more…]

Buy Bitcoin to Escape Fiat ‘Debasement’ Says New Grayscale Report

Promises of unlimited money-printing lead the world’s largest crypto asset manager to sound the alarm to investors, promoting Bitcoin as a solution. Bitcoin (BTC) is now investors’ best bet against central bank money printing, a new report from asset manager Grayscale concludes. In the document, titled “Quantitative Tightening,” the world’s largest digital currency asset manager [Read more…]

3 Key Factors Why Bitcoin Price Exploded to $9.4K Overnight

Bitcoin price has soared from $7,700 to $9,500 in 24 hours, mainly driven by three key factors that triggered the short-term rally. The Bitcoin (BTC) price increased from $7,700 to $9,500 overnight, increasing by 23%, according to Coinmarketcap, in less than 24 hours. The three main factors that catalyzed Bitcoin’s recent rally are record-high spot [Read more…]

Data Shows Bitcoin Whales Have No Intent of Selling at Current Prices

Major Bitcoin whales have not sold any BTC for up to 5 years, suggesting they are optimistic about the asset’s long-term prospects. A large Bitcoin (BTC) whale holding 68,000 BTC ($523 million), has not moved the funds for more than five years and on-chain data shows other whales have similarly held onto their BTC for [Read more…]