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Bitcoin Usage in Nigeria, Warning

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has warned citizens that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not legal tenders. But it seems that Nigerians don`t care about this – investment platform has discovered. In its December 2019 edition of ‘The Nigerian Banker’, the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) has stressed that Bitcoin is [Read more…]

Bitcoin Prices Rise or Fall, Google Searches Soar

Last month the price of Bitcoin (BTC) decreased to the point $6500, after a long period of value about $8000. But despite this fact, Google Trends data let suppose that global interest to the first cryptocurrency growths with every active price movement, both upward and downward, has learned. Another interesting fact is that greater [Read more…]

Billionaire Real Estate Heir Gives Bitcoins to Africans

Bill Pulte, the heir of Pulte Group, a Detroit real estate company, has announced about his intention to send Bitcoins to Africans, needing financial help. Pulte is an active Bitcoin enthusiast and also he gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to people on Twitter, as has learned. The billionaire aspires to help as many [Read more…]

Cryptocurrencies in Africa: Opportunities and Problems

In the sphere of cryptocurrencies African continent is an active and important participant. Bitcoin doubler 2x is going to consider features of crypto ecosystem in Africa. Are cryptocurrencies popular in Africa? Back in April, Google Trends` data showed that the highest volume of online searches for Bitcoin (BTC) belonged to Nigeria and Lagos. Such an [Read more…]

In Nigeria Bitcoin`s Popularity is Growing Despite Negative Attitude of Authorities

According to the report of the Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is growing in the country, and this is despite unfavourable attitude from the side of the Central Bank – investment platform has learned. “The Central Bank of Nigeria has claimed that digital currencies are not the legal [Read more…]

Jack Dorsey: Africa Will Determine the Future of Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey – the CEO of social network Twitter and cryptocurrency enthusiast – believes that Africa will determine the future of cryptocurrency industry, as investment platform has learned. As Dorsey says, despite development and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in Europe and the USA, exactly Africa will head the industry. After his tour of Nigeria and Ghana [Read more…]

Google Trends: the Amount of Bitcoin Search Queries Increased Again

Google Trends, the Amount of Bitcoin Search Queries Increased Again - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x

Google Trends search analytics resource data demonstrate that the amount of search queries for the word “bitcoin” increased to maximum weight for a month. According to existing data, searchers of bitcoin continue growing since Facebook cryptocurrency Libra has been announced. Even despite the fact that searchers concerning Libra itself began to decline since 18 June [Read more…]