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Data Suggests Some Americans May Be Buying Crypto With Stimulus Check

Data suggests that a portion of the American population may be spending their coronavirus stimulus check on cryptocurrency.A chart published by Brian Armstrong, CEO of United States crypto exchange, Coinbase, suggests that a small portion of the American population may be using their coronavirus stimulus checks to purchase cryptocurrency. A tweet, published by Armstrong on [Read more…]

Fear, Greed and the Evolution of Money in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going to end soon. Fear and anxiety have skyrocketed, and nearly half of the people in the United States feel the coronavirus has harmed their mental health. People are scared, anxious, depressed, on edge and struggling to sleep through the night. We watched as China took extreme measures to improve [Read more…]

Research: 87% of IT Specialists Are Concerned About the Rise of Crypto Jacking

Acronis company has conducted the poll of information technology specialists, which has demonstrated that 87% of respondents are concerned about the increasing amount of hidden cryptocurrency mining attacks. According to the report, IT specialists are worried about the growth of amount of hidden cryptocurrency mining attacks at users` devices. Experts note that 30% of common [Read more…]

March 12, Traders Significantly Increased BTC Purchase Volumes on Coinbase Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase informed that during the cryptocurrency market fall on March 12 on the platform was registered a significant increase in BTC purchases. March 12, the cryptocurrency market fell to a record low and demonstrated a significant correlation with traditional assets. Wherein, cryptocurrency traders on U.S. exchange Coinbase took advantage of the situation and [Read more…]

Blockchain Jobs Continue to Rise Despite Global Recession

Trillions of dollars have been injected into the global markets in an attempt to revitalize the world economy. The U.S. alone recently hit its highest unemployment rate in history. The Whole World Seems to be Falling Apart Except for Blockchain Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, is looking to increase [Read more…]

DHS Called Blockchain Specialists Being Workers of Critical Infrastructure

In the memorandum, published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), blockchain specialists are mentioned in the list of critical infrastructure workers of the country. Last week, U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published the memorandum, which stressed special responsibility of employees of critical infrastructures to maintain a normal work plan in the [Read more…]

On Bitfinex Exchange Now is an Opportunity to Invest in Cryptocurrency Hedge-Fund

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has added on its platform Fulgur Alpha hedge-fund, which now manages assets in the amount of $280 mln. Fulgur Alpha is the cryptocurrency hedge-fund, located in the Bahamas and is available only for accredited investors. Minimal amount of an investment in Fulgur Alpha makes $10 mln, wherein the fund promises stable income [Read more…]

Coinbase Began Grouping BTC Transactions to Reduce Fees and Network Load

US exchange Coinbase began grouping BTC withdrawal transactions to reduce Bitcoin blockchain load and decrease the size of fees, which significantly grew this week. As the company claims, implementation of “packaging” will assist to reduce Bitcoin blockchain load due to large number of transactions, coming from the exchange. Besides, transactions grouping will reduce a commission [Read more…]

In Rhode Island State They Consider a Blockchain Growth Promotion Bill

Rhode Island state considers a bill of blockchain economic growth providing with an aim to stimulate innovators to develop the next generation of digital services and products. According to the bill, the state is planning to create reliable public-private partnership, within which “an immutable system of blockchain data storage for branch`s participants” will be developing. [Read more…]

Uphold’s New Debit Card Lets You Pay With Bitcoin, XRP and Gold

Digital payment platform Uphold has announced a new debit card, allowing users to pay with converted crypto, commodities and cash. Uphold’s new multi-asset debit card allows United States-based participants to spend assets held in their Uphold accounts at any Mastercard compatible location, a representative from Uphold told in an interview. “Anywhere globally where Mastercard is [Read more…]