Another name of referral program is affiliate program. It is a variant of cooperation between a company and its partners, where a partner markets / distributes goods or services of the company, and it, in its turn, pays the reward for this.

Such a type of collaboration allows the company increase its profit, minimizing expenses. At the same time, partners receive their interest from services they provide.

Everything is quite simple and understandable in Bitcoin Doubler 2x referral system. Every desirous can participate in our referral program. For partnership with us you need to have Bitcoin wallet, where you will get referral payments.

How the system works:

  1. You get your referral link (on current page);
  2. You distribute your link in social networks, on forums, among your friends and acquainted etc (it’s up to your choice how to spread the link);
  3. As soon as a person follows your link and makes an investment, you will receive 50% of your referral`s initial deposit and 5-10% of his next investments in dependence on a chosen plan. Referral Program

Earn quickly free bitcoins with our BitcoinDoubler2x referral program. Invite your friends and get 10% when a transaction is completed – “Start” plan, 7% is prepared for “Business” plan and 5% get members of “Double” plan.

Pay attention that the first deposit from your referral will bring you 50% of invested sum.

Let`s do common calculations. Let’s say, you have referred a couple of friends, who have made minimum bitcoin investments in “Start” plan, and one friend, who has invested minimum sum in “Double” plan. On this basis we have an example: 2 / 0.003+0.003 + 0.1 / 2 = 0.056 BTC, in such a way, your automatic referral earnings makes 0.056 BTC, which you receives on your Bitcoin wallet.

All you need for participation in the program is your ref-link, that is available for every owner of BTC wallet.

How to Get My Referral Link

For receiving your bitcoin referral link just enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the field below and click the button “Get Referral Link”.

1 Step 1

Enter Your Bitcoin Address and Get your Referral Link

the email field is optional, complete that if you want to get notified by email when you get the payment from us.

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*The field for e-mail isn’t obligatory for filling. Fill this field, if you want to get a notification of receipt of payment from us.

*You cannot use your referral link for your own deposits!

Referral links

We use advanced technologies to make our referral links quite fair. They look like URL shortening. Example: . What we do it for? Click rate of such referral links is much higher and this factor may help you to attract more people to your referral program.

When a potential referral enters our site through your referral link, he/she won’t see ugly ids, like . A visitor will look only at the root domain –, but, in any way, you will be paid all referral commission after referral`s investment, who has been brought by you.

We don’t hold your kickback, you immediately receive money at your Bitcoin address after deposit making through your referral link.

For security reasons we don’t provide you with a board, where you can see your referrals statistics. We must stress the importance of security keeping, when we talk about cryptocurrencies.

Copy Your Referral Link

The first step for receiving referral rewards is to copy a link, which is individual for you. This is the link that you will share in emails, on social networks and other Internet resources. When your friend follows this link and makes an investment, you will receive a money bonus. Referrals` PC keep the cookie, and if they make a deposit during the following month, you will surely get referral reward on your Bitcoin wallet.

Earn Bitcoin with Free Referrals

You can get Bitcoin referrals absolutely free and gain with it, all you need is to share your referral link, which one you have already received on our website. As soon as somebody follows your shared link and makes a transaction, you will get bitcoin referral bonus on your wallet corresponding to your referral interest. As it has been mentioned above, you`re going to receive 50% from your first referral, who makes initial investment.

Below you can find possible variants of receiving free referrals.

How to Get Bitcoin Referrals – Free Ways

  • The first way of attracting referrals – call people.

The first thought in the head of a beginning referrer is to engage friends, colleagues, relatives to follow a referral link. People also practice refback with their friends – they share received from investments income, but it’s personal matter of each. An advantage of this way consists in active participation of members.

  • The second way of attracting referrals – search through forums and comments.

There are many specialized Bitcoin referral sites, blogs and forums on the Internet, where it’s possible to get Bitcoin referrals. During communication you post necessary link with short motivating description in comments of blogs and forums. This variant is quite effective – you can get tens or even hundreds of Bitcoin referrals, in such a way.

  • The third way of attracting referrals – advertising your link.

In advertising everything is simple. You just promote Bitcoin referral link on popular websites, forums, groups, social networks, YouTube channels etc. In addition, you may use special services that provide advertising services.

  • The fourth way of attracting referrals – e-mail newsletter.

Mass mailing of letters is a widespread variant of advertising on the Internet. If you have some amount of e-mail addresses or you can find them, you will be able to organize e-mail newsletter and try to get people interested in your proposal. The larger is e-mail collection, the more referrals you can engage. Please pay attention that mass newsletter can be treated by mail servers as spam and, as a result, addressees won`t receive and read your message. As a decision of this problem you can use specialized services or involve freelancers for proper mailing of huge links amount.

  • The fifth way of attracting referrals – mailing and posting in social networks.

Social networks is one of the most effective ways of referrals attracting. In these places gather a lot of people – potential free referrals. And what is very important for us, great part of social networks` users look for work on the Internet. There are many groups dedicated to work and earnings – it’s a “goldmine” for us. You should follow these groups, inform members about your project, create appropriate topics for discussion, post meaningful comments with referral links.

What is important while searching referrals through social networks? Choose exclusively target audience – people, who are interested in work and earnings. Keep in mind that the list of social networks doesn`t finish at Facebook.

Where to Share Your Referral Link

Despite the fact that you may offer your link to everybody, it’s more likely that exactly your friends and relatives will use your referral link. Sharing your link, precise what you loved about the service.

Attach your link to private emails to friends and members of your family, who may be interested in this sphere. These people are most likely follow it and make a deposit.

Share your referral link on social networks. You can promote your link on the groups with appropriate themes and interests. However, don`t forget about the rules of groups, you have chosen. Some administrators don’t allow referral or affiliate links. Make sure that you have read and correctly understood the rules.

While sharing your referral link on social networks, you may add to a post with the link some additional info or materials (for example, photo or video). This will excite users` curiosity and can motivate them to follow the link. You can share your link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Social media sharing will be more effective, if you have a lot of followers, who actively read your messages. The more people read your post, the more likely that one of them clicks on your referral link and makes an investment.

Sharing in Online Groups

Linkedin and Facebook groups and other online forums can be good platforms for your link sharing, if you are an active user. But you shouldn’t spam your link in groups. There are more skilful and effective means to share the link in social groups. The way just to join a group and post your link doesn’t work.

If somebody is searching for info or advice concerning appropriate service, you can tell in a comment about your personal experience and attach your link to it. Members of a group will be thankful to you for help and, at the same time, they may be beneficial for you.  

Share your link during various discussions in groups. If you post the link without active participation in a group, you risk being considered as spammer and can be blocked. Regular communication and posting will help to avoid unpleasant situations.

Write a Review Blog Post

Bloggers have a nice opportunity to inform their friends, relatives and common visitors about their opinion and experience. If you don’t have great traffic, a review blog post is a good idea.

If you are satisfied after using the service, you may write a review about it. People can look for alike service and your post will help them to make a solution, what is more, this will bring you referral bonus.

The review post have to contain all the details about your personal experience with this service, photo and video (if it’s possible). Pay attention, your readers want to see, first of all, your honest meaning about the service. Don`t forget to recommend it to your followers and share the link.

The List of Sites For Sharing Referral Link

Below you will find the list of sites, where it’s possible to spread your referral link (you may not restrict yourself by the current list):

  1. Facebook page. A Facebook business page may seem being the wrong decision for an affiliate marketer in his early periods of business. But it’s perfect choice, if you have already created a website, a small community, mailing list and brand;
  2. Facebook profile. There are no reasons, why not to post your affiliate link on your Facebook profile. If you stand by the service you offer, motivate your friends and followers to try it;
  3. Facebook groups. Very likely, Facebook groups are the least effective Facebook platforms, where users can market. The reason lays in groups` amount, their number is very large and most of them are simply dead, because people ignore them. On the other hand, some representatives are quite active and can be profitable enough for affiliate links;
  4. Google+ posts. First of all, Google+ is tech-oriented audience, but for these years it has increased greatly, and you can find here as much varied content as you can on Facebook. Affiliate links are right at home in organic posts on the site;
  5. Google+ groups. As well as Facebook groups, Google+ groups provide access to a small, more exclusive group of people, who are interested in specific theme. As soon as you have attracted their attention, market away;
  6. Twitter hashtag conversations. It’s easy to post on Twitter, but you won’t get significant feedback, if you don’t use hashtags. Conduct a small research, find interesting hashtags and participate in conversations;
  7. Pinterest pins. Pinterest represents a resource board for female audience, primarily, who are interested in art, crafts and design. You can try to draw attention of its users;
  8. Instagram photos. In order to reach success in Instagram, you need a mobile device and a bit of talent in graphic design sphere. You don’t demand huge popularity  – you just need the right circle. Hashtags and creative photos are the key to get luck in this resource;
  9. YouTube videos. Make a quick search of your proposal on YouTube and you will surely find review videos of other people, who want to offer this service. Some part of them will be dull. Create the best video and promote it, your efforts will help you to become best of the best;
  10. Vimeo videos. Any video, you have created and posted on YouTube, you can post on Vimeo as well;
  11. Dailymotion videos. Here is the same situation as with Vimeo, any YouTube video can be hosted here. There are other video-hosts, including Facebook, it’s up to you to study them;
  12. Linkedin posts. Linkedin is good for professionals and employers. In addition, this platform is great for marketing professional tools, resume service and other products, which the same professionals would like to purchase;
  13. Linkedin groups. Linkedin contains the number of very reliable groups, where amount of members is limited, this feature makes membership in a group highly exclusive. Effective search of good thematic groups allows you successfully sell your service;
  14. Relevant forums. Service-related forums are nice platforms to become a participant of a community. Appearing there, you can work links to your blog posts and to your site in to your smartest posts. Put one in your profile and one in your signature, but don’t include them into every post. That way, you have more goodwill among users;
  15. Review sites. One of the best ways to create an affiliate site is to make a review site with a lot of services compared and contrasted, each with its own affiliate link. You can also find review sites others have made and locate your affiliate link in the comments on their posts. It won’t constantly work, but it will bring you a little extra exposure;
  16. Blog posts. Create a blog on your website. You don’t have to publish a lot, once a week will be enough. This lets you provide value and have something to link to that’s not a squeeze page or an offer direct;
  17. Blog comments. Leaving valuable and meaningful comments under blog`s posts, you can work with the affiliate link. Important! Avoid a clear affiliate link without message around it, because it looks like a spam and is often blocked by blog spam filter;
  18. Craigslist ads. Craigslist practices the policy that deletes ads, containing affiliate links. Instead of directly promoting your link, do it through your site as a filter. In such a way, users won’t understand right away that they click on the affiliate link;
  19. Reddit subs. Reddit can be a good platform to market, but you should be careful to fit in. You can’t just put your link wherever you want, because people will question it, and they will downvote it into invisibility. Your only hope is to be a regular member of Reddit, while advertising your link when it comes up;
  20. Imgur. This is the image host with the polling system like Reddit has for determining what is seen and what isn`t. Be careful with the content you share, you may unite humour and your proposal and, as a result, you will receive thousands of views to one link;
  21. Tumblr. What about social networks, Tumblr is one of the most difficult in usage, because its users like to reblog content, but they edit links, without informing you that they deleted your affiliate tag. In addition, this resource is full of teens and young people with absolutely different interests;
  22. Facebook ads. Facebook advertisements permit affiliate links, but they must look pretty. What is more, you have to follow other rules concerning images and copy. The easiest way is just to post the link to your website, containing the affiliate link. Facebook`s huge audience is a boon, as well as is the perfect targeting;
  23. Google ads. Google has worse targeting but more exposure than Facebook. They also have no restrictions concerning direct affiliate links. Rather, they say you’re subject to the rules of the affiliate themselves, who often bans using Google ads to promote. This is usually because the company themselves are using Google advertisements, and wouldn’t like your ads to stay on their way.
  24. Bing ads. In terms of advertising, Bing is alike to Google, however, it has smaller audience and worse conversion rates, as a rule. Still, they’re worth using, if you’re using PPC at all;
  25. Quora answers. Since Yahoo answers had closed, Quora has become popular resource for questions & answer. The difference is that you can make the reputation of source of knowledge about your niche, and, as a result, people will actively follow the links you provide as a resource, that lead to your affiliate site;
  26. Free ebooks. Proposing free ebooks on your site, you give value to users and make them feel that they receive something important directly from you. This makes them feel as though they owe you, and they may be more likely to convert based on that alone. By having well content in the books, you further strengthen this feeling, and the links become icing on the cake;
  27. Ebooks on Amazon. Amazon is a good platform to self-publish ebooks. You can set price of $0 to attract people into getting a “deal” on the information you provide. Surely, this info will lead to affiliate links and conversations for you later;
  28. Ebooks on Smashwords. Smashwords is the Barnes and Noble ebook competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Direct. It has the same advantages and disadvantages, as Amazon has, and you can use just the same;
  29. Slideshare. This website is something average between social network and PowerPoint presentations aggregator. Publish slideshow and provide valuable content, and you will manage sell anything. The trickery of using Slideshare is that a large amount of the content on it is low-effort, unformatted drivel. Making formatted, essential content, you’re already in the top 10%;
  30. Backpage. This site is kind of like a less moderated, more free-for-all Craigslist. It’s possible to sell here all kinds of goods and services, but you can meet the same fines for affiliate links, as Craigslist does. Be careful with what you promote, and use your site as the filter, if it’s possible;
  31. A mailing list. Having created your own mailing list, you can present affiliate proposal to interested readers, who signed up for your messages through your landing page;
  32. Purchased mailing lists. The algorithm of actions is similar to your own mailing list, there is one distinction – people haven’t signed up to your site. Be very careful while promoting your service in such a way, it’s close to spam;
  33. USFreeAds. This website looks fresh out of the 1990s, and that’s because it is. It’s one of the greatest competitors for Craigslist that you’ve never heard of. It’s also good for affiliate marketers, particularly for those with sites to share;
  34. Multiple squeeze pages. It’s easy enough, you should just create more than one website with your offer. It may seem like you’re competing against yourself, but you can optimize each squeeze page to focus on a various aspect of your offer, with different SEO to occupy different niches;
  35. StumbleUpon. Adding your squeeze page to Stumble, you have a chance to get significant volume of traffic, usually even traffic that’s relatively targeted due to the site’s interest options for browsing. It won’t be high converting traffic, but what is these days?;
  36. YouTube comments. A lot of people publish and read YouTube comments. You always can promote your service under related video. One of ways consists in commenting old videos of your affiliate niche, offer users actual alternative;
  37. Widespread article submissions. Making unique content that includes affiliate link or links to your site, where live affiliate links, you can get wide reputation on the Internet. Important! Make sure that you’re not spamming, try not to copy paste the content and stay actual in your sphere;
  38. Traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges allow you to put a squeeze page in rotation and earn views to it by watching other websites. Some of them permit autosurf robots to help you rack up credits for views as well. Find a good traffic exchange and make a highly optimized squeeze page to send users to;
  39. Ezine ads. There are thousands of small ezines published with sporadic schedules all over the Internet. There’s probably a couple in your sphere. Find out if there are, identify them, and see if you can get an advertisement in their magazine;
  40. Sponsored mailing list posts. Some companies permit paying for mentioning your ad in their monthly or weekly mailing lists. These aren’t as common as they used to be, and you may pay a premium, but you’ll be getting a space on a interested mailing list when you do so;
  41. BuySellAds. This recourse is the center and marketplace for PPC ads. Also, you may post your ad on various websites and try to get the good deal of conversion from them, in order to cover costs and receive profit. It’s the largest platform for PPC usage, outside of Google and Facebook;
  42. Hubpages. Hubpages is the centralized platform for blogging, where users may create hubs on just about anything. Write essential content hubs and link to your affiliate proposals through them. Squidoo was recently bought and merged with Hubpages, so if you used it before, you already have and in here;
  43. NickMom. It’s the social network and content aggregator for mothers, sponsored and managed by Nickelodeon. Moms can be convinced to purchase anything, and your service will surely find here its place;
  44. Nextdoor. It’s a social network entirely focused on hyper-local communication. Get acquainted with your neighbors and their interests. You can market affiliate offers here, but make sure you’re able to make a little in-person trading, if you want to succeed significantly;
  45. Gentlemint. This website is created on Pinterest model, however it’s focused on men. In fact, you can offer here anything, but the most popular here are male products (cars, guns, action movies etc). This is opposed to Pinterest’s focus on more “female” interests, like decorating, cooking and fashion.