Payment Proof & Investor`s Video Review

Today we have published the Video Review & Payment Proof from our user doctorbtc1989, who has recorded on video the whole process of investing in our Bitcoin Doubler, the user has also recorded his payment receiving on his Bitcoin-wallet.

Payment Proof & Investor`s Video Review - Bitcoin Doubler 2x Payment Proof & Investor`s Video Review

Let`s consider Payment Proof & Video Review of BTC Doubler step by step. First of all, the video shows making an investment at Start plan in amount of 0,005 BTC. The investment was made April 2nd. In three days after investment making and plus extra time required for transaction confirmation, the investor under nickname doctorbtc1989 demonstrated the account on his Bitcoin-wallet, which we made a payout in amount of 0,005 BTC + 30% = 0,0065 BTC on.

Reinvestment in — Payment Proof & Video Review on BTC Doubler

Next day our satisfied investor has reinvested money, received from, back in our company of traders. The reinvestment was made April 6th, and in three days our investor recorded the video from his BTC-wallet, which he received the payment from our company on. On YouTube are links to transactions and to addresses of Bitcoin-wallets, which was made BTC transactions from. They serve as confirmation and proof of user`s deposit and payment from BTC doubler. Also, we post here these links to transactions and wallet addresses:

  • First transaction on wallet — b7868b595f3d2b735e79800288859e1e3ffa4ed5c82185d6a34ea59866db95c0;
  • Send from 1BFynXDHoBBXRtkcHcvkLdyUCCEnhwHZMK to 15xy4gN37nFadkqJFAneSaMm1NGRBxfc72 – 0.00500000 BTC;
  • First payment from — 04fcaf6be1c522c836d66e4fc47f0d9994eb2e72d0dd69aa9537c6ec878c07aa;
  • Send from 1GtWuQ8suAHYwyAmKY2oEXZ2wyCbRYL8p4 to my wallet 14tSpx8s3npnytZyCXWB2TSzrcv8NvvCcL – 0.00650000 BTC.
  • Second transaction on wallet — 140e343a4945a635929dbefd2b923b4fd8dfee035ee94a86448cf2138cd1e17b;
  • Send from 14tSpx8s3npnytZyCXWB2TSzrcv8NvvCcL to 16wDH5NiKb2DTooUNThzpoDYMvVqvKkZA6 – 0.00647517 BTC;
  • Second payment from — 720cd0a1e0d8364342f3452c09b6f64c4741b179d726a8316d813a7b5bc0763e;
  • Send from 13BXN7B17qZWWQKbwqF5Zera7Ak6aXnBDP to 12MLs5LBVdcpgoUNg5nAZoLaCswvtgHTEP – 0.00841773 BTC.

In addition, we have decided to post the referral link of doctorbtc1989 to encourage his time spent on recording Payment Proof & Video Review on

Referral link of doctorbtc1989 —

Also, we have gladly posted thecurrent video on the page of our site to let you make sure in honesty of BitcoinDoubler2x project. Watching this Video Review on our bitcoin doubler you will be able to understand how to invest money and get profit. This is not only the review, but also can be called a guide of bitcoin doubler.

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