BitMEX Exchange will Produce its Own Client for Bitcoin Network

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX announced its plans concerning release of own software client for basic Bitcoin network entitled Bitcoin BitMEX Research.

BitMEX produces its client for BTC
BitMEX and its client for Bitcoin

Representatives of BitMEX have stated that new software is going to dispel misconceptions concerning the control of BTC protocol. In particular, the Bitcoin Core software repository is responsible for cryptocurrency development and can prevent changes in the rules of Bitcoin consensus.

As it`s said in exchange`s blog, in due time this delusion has been spread out during debates about Bitcoin scaling, and society has mistakenly treated this discussion as opposition between developers of Bitcoin Core and large crypto- and mining companies. has found out that new client from BitMEX will present software fork Bitcoin Core. Its aim is to decrease dependence of BTC network on popular client repository without risks to ecosystem. In such a way developers of new software are going to prove that Bitcoin protocol rules are controlled by users.

“Client BitMEX Research doesn`t change Bitcoin consensus rules, that`s why doubts about the controversial division of the chain are irrelevant. So, if Bitcoin Core repository is hacked or deleted, code base will be improved thanks to Bitcoin BitMEX Research repository” – developers of BitMEX claimed.

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