British actively invest in cryptocurrencies

According to the investigation of IW Capital company about three million British have invested in digital cryptocurrencies through exchanges.

British actively invest in cryptocurrencies - bitcoin doubler news
British actively invest in cryptocurrencies – news

What is more, major part of these crypto-investors (about 2,5 mln) have no idea, how blockchain technology works, and poorly understand the situation on the economic market. In addition, in the investigation is said that only 5% of investors in new assets have had a consultation with cryptocurrency market experts.

In the pool took part 2007 respondents in all. 38% of participants have admitted that they don`t realize the basic technology of cryptocurrency. Also, somewhere about a third of respondents is confident that cryptocurrency itself is “the bubble that is going to burst.”

Based on the results of the survey, researchers have come to the conclusion that generally British are not informed enough about blockchain-technologies and cryptocurrencies. “Frankly speaking, some people totally don`t understand the object of their investment,” – in IW Capital mark. found out that the head of the company Luke Davis called the research`s results “shocking.” According to him, no wonder that around cryptocurrency topic exists such a muddle now. By the way, according to investigation 7% of participants are sure that for making investments cryptocurrencies are much more attractive, than traditional assets, like shares, for example.

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