Chinese Authorities Call for Closing the Large Bitcoin Mining Farm Due to Coronavirus Epidemic

The large mining farm in China has appeared under the threat of closing at the requirement of the authorities, attempting to restrain the spread of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, as investment resource BitcoinDoubler2x has got to know.

Chinese Authorities Call for Closing the Bitcoin Mining Farm - BitcoinDoubler2x
Chinese Authorities Call for Closing the Bitcoin Mining Farm

This information is provided by the co-founder of mining pool BTC.TOP Jiang Zhuer. According to him, the authority visited the farm the last Tuesday.

“In some places the fight against the epidemic has already gone too far. I have the farm in a remote suburb. And the police have come to its managers and said that they will not renew work”, — Jiang Zhuer said.

At the same time, he has noted that enterprise`s functioning has not been stopped yet, because the staff has been living at the farm since Spring festival, and nobody has visited this location since that time.

“I can understand regular temperature measurements, checks and strict prohibition on going out. But how can mining equipment shutdown prevent epidemic spread?”, — the head of BTC.TOP added.

Zhuer has noted that it is just one of his numerous farms, and he worries that the rest enterprises may meet the same fate.

“If such a situation goes on, most people will die because of poverty, never picking up the virus”, — Jiang Zhuer added.

Also, Jiang Zhuyer said that a part of the staff on duty remained at the farms during the Chinese New Year celebration, however, due to the quarantine introduced, difficulties arose with the return of employees to work

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