Citizens Reserve and Duke University Will Create a Blockchain Lab

Duke University unites with the blockchain startup Citizens Reserve to work on an educational initiative, aimed at the extension of students` curiosity to blockchain technology.

Citizens Reserve and Duke University Will Create a Blockchain Lab - BTC doubler news
Citizens Reserve and Duke University Will Create a Blockchain Lab – news

Citizens Reserve company, headed by the team of former employees of Deloitte blockchain department, has claimed that together with the university they will create new incubator laboratory for students, who will work on real blockchain projects and organize events related to the technology. has found out that the company will also support the university in curriculum development for blockchain technology course, and also in connect establishment between students and experts of the industry, with an aim to help graduates in job search after graduation.

“Being the graduate of Duke University, I will gladly lead this program and help the next generation of adherents and leaders of blockchain industry to gain success” – Yonathan Lapchik, Director of Innovation at Citizens Reserve, said. “Specialists of many spheres, including finance field, supply chain and healthcare, are already studying the blockchain potential. Because now it’s extremely important to give students the instruments, necessary for development of their skills, connections and knowledge, which are expected by employers at the moment of students` graduation”.

In September Citizens Reserve launched SUKU blockchain platform for supply chains. Students, participating in the program, can work on projects in blockchain lab with an aim of further implementation on SUKU platform, as they inform in the company.

“The lab will be equipped with all necessary things, including mining farms, that will assist students in research of various mechanisms and technologies”, – company’s representatives note.

Campbell Harvey, Professor of Finance at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, will act as a program advisor. Harvey has also said that “it’s very important that universities will be ready to cooperate with leaders in blockchain industry, and we`re looking forward to teamwork with Citizens Reserve. The university is actively building different partnerships, and we`re happy to provide our students with the opportunity of receiving practical experience”.

Duke University already offers the course “Innovation and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurship”, that was launched by Campbell Harvey in 2014. Recently he has also assisted to found Duke Blockchain Lab, the organization led by students, providing communication with professionals of the blockchain community.

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