Crypto Society Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day for the Ninth Time

Exactly nine years ago, 22 May 2010, crypto enthusiast Laszlo Heinitz placed his name in Bitcoin`s history – he paid pizza delivery with cryptocurrency. The order cost him 10 000 BTC. Today this purchase is valued in $79,2 mln, as Bitcoin doubler 2x has found out.

Crypto Society Celebrates Bitcoin - News
Crypto Society Celebrates Bitcoin – BitcoinDoubler2x News

While the interview with 60 Minutes Heinitz told that totally he spent 100 000 BTC for buying pizzas.

May 22 the crypto society traditionally celebrates “Bitcoin Pizza Day”.
For carnivorous bitcoin maximalists it`s normally to eat pizza during Pizza Day. Just fancy, that you killed it on the hunt with your own hands”, – famous bitcoin evangelist Giacomo Zucco wrote.

What is more, in February 2018 Laszlo Heinitz repeated his experiment and bought two pizzas for 0,00649 BTC with the help of Lighting Network protocol.

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