Elon Musk Offered Followers of his Twitter “to Buy Some Bitcoin”

When cryptocurrencies gained wide popularity, many famous personalities actively began to express their thoughts about them.

Elon Musk about BTC
Elon Musk on Twitter about Bitcoin

Especially popular movement is to criticize the technology of the initial cryptocurrency, allegedly it`s already outdated in comparison with more “innovative” projects.

This time one quite unusual message was published by famous American businessman Elon Musk, founder of the aerospace company SpaceX and car concern Tesla, which specializes in production of electric cars.

On Tuesday Elon Musk in his Twitter wrote “I like Anime’, in reaction one user asked him about two-factor authentication in Tesla accounts. As an answer Elon published the picture with anime-girl and the caption “Wanna buy some Bitcoin?”

Under this post their comments left some famous representatives of cryptocurrency society, among these people was founder of Binance – Zhao Changpeng:
“I would make up my mind to buy Tesla car, if I could pay off with cryptocurrency”.

At the current moment Musk`s post has already collected more than 5000 retweets and about 13 500 likes.

Scammers Exploit Elon Musk`s Name

It is worth noting that scammers often use the name of Elon Musk with an aim to cheat cryptocurrency investors. Concerning this fact, administration of Twitter started to solve this problem by blocking all clones accounts, in such a way, personal Musk`s account was temporarily blocked.

Some crypto enthusiasts supposed that by this tweet Musk decided to make fun of previously published fake news, which informed that he would receive BTC as payment for flamethrowers.

Bitcoin doubler 2x notes that current assumption has had background, because Musk has previously joked concerning cryptocurrency scammers, who create fake accounts and try to cheat investors.

The businessman attempted to solve the problem with the help of Jackson Palmer – creator of Dogecoin, turning to him for help, and Palmer answered: “I sent you the script. We have had good conversation about the ways, how I and the team of Twitter can automate the process and solve the problem on our side”.

By the way, Elon Musk is not a single, who suffer from scammers` activity.

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