Facebook Has Opened Twenty New Vacancies For Blockchain Specialists

Facebook vacancy section now has 20 actual positions for the specialists, who are in some way related to blockchain technology.

In particular, they offer positions of the Director of Technological Communications, Threat Explorer, Data Processing and Analysis Specialist, two Product Managers and Product Designers, Brand Strategy and Marketing Managers, Community Manager, Media Relations Specialist, and some additional vacancies.

Facebook Has Opened Twenty New Vacancies For Blockchain Specialists - BTC doubler news
Facebook Has Opened Twenty New Vacancies For Blockchain Specialists – news BitcoinDoubler2x.com

The most unusual part can be considered the position of Strategic Partner for Global Security, that “will serve as the binding and intellectual partner between the global security department and selected key business partners, in this situation – Facebook blockchain unit”.

Vacancies` description doesn`t disclose the details concerning the future product, however it hints at quite ambitious goals:

“Our finish goal is to assist milliards of people to get access to the things they don’t have now – health care, fair financial services or new ways of keeping and spread of information”.

Bitcoindoubler2x.com have got to know that Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg long time are expressing the interest to blockchain technology and to decisions on its background. So, in late February it was reported that the social network conducted the negotiations with different cryptocurrency exchanges concerning posting its own stablecoin. Under the token, which will be connected to multiple fiat currency basket, are already working about 50 engineers, and we`ll see its launch this year already. It is assumed that it will be used within the social network itself, as well as in other company products, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

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