Georgia Will Implement Blockchain in Education

Georgia is planning to become one of the first countries in the region, implementing blockchain in the field of education. This initiative will be realized together with IOHK company – bitcoin doubler 2x has found out.

Georgia Will Implement Blockchain in Education - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Georgia Will Implement Blockchain in Education – invest with

Minister of education, science, culture and sport of the country Mikhail Batiashvili informed about the plans of the government. They will realize the project within cooperation with the developer of Cardano, IOHK company. The corresponding memorandum was signed by the Minister of education and by IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson.

According to Batiashvili, “blockchain is advanced technology, implemented by many countries in various branches”. Cooperation with IOHK, the leader in blockchain industry, will assist to deploy blockchain in education, as the minister notes. He also says, that preparatory measures are coming to finish and from the next month system implementation will start. Hoskinson has stressed, that integration of such technologies in the sphere of education will help in country`s development.

Georgia Has Digital Course

“We are glad that together with Georgian government we are working at the number of projects in fields of business, education and government services. Relations of strong university sector and the government of Georgia make all prerequisites in order the country become international business center”, – Hoskinson notes.

Ministry of Education considers partnership and IOHK experience being “vitally important” for blockchain integration and rapprochement of Georgia with the digital world. Blockchain deployment is happening in frameworks of scale educational reform, which now is realizing in Georgia. In addition, different reforms will last for the nearest four years, and their goal is to turn the country into leading educational center of the region.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is actively developing in Georgia. At the end of previous year they informed, that two companies, mining cryptocurrencies, headed up the list of the largest elecrycity suppliers in Georgia.

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