Investigation: Bitcoin is Legal in 111 Countries

The portal Coin Dance has conducted the investigation of Bitcoin legality in different countries of the world and has announced that the first cryptocurrency is absolutely legal in 111 countries at least.

Investigation: Bitcoin is Legal in 111 Countries - BTC dobler news
Investigation: Bitcoin is Legal in 111 Countries – news

Analytics have noted that among 20 the most traded with Bitcoin national currencies only three states don`t provide BTC with legal status. Wherein, at the 15th place stays Nigeria, where Bitcoin is not illegal, but at the same time it is not completely lawful. For the previous day the volume of transactions with Bitcoin and Nigerian Naira made 0,03% from all deals with the first cryptocurrency.

At the 10th place locates Indonesian Rupee, however in Indonesia Bitcoin status is considered as “limited”. At the 18th place we can see trades with Vietnamese Dong. Wherein, in Vietnam it’s quite legally to sell and keep BTC, it’s prohibited only usage of cryptocurrency as payment means. has found out that analytics have stressed that Bitcoin is recognized out of low only in limited number of states. This list includes Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam. Bitcoin received “limited” status in nine countries, but they included such large markets, as China and India.

Investigators explain that in most of these countries the government just has not identified official status of cryptocurrencies.

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