Is Bitcoin Doubler Legit in Sri Lanka?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a popular means for trading, investing and making payments. In addition, the first cryptocurrency has all the chances to become global reserve currency in the future. Bitcoin doublers are relatively new investment platforms that are gaining more and more popularity due to their beneficial plans. However, different countries demonstrate different attitude to cryptocurrencies, some governments are more loyal, other — stricter. Let`s consider the status of Bitcoin in Sri Lanka.

Is Bitcoin Doubler Legit in Sri Lanka?
Is Bitcoin Doubler Legit in Sri Lanka

Place of Bitcoin in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the tourist country and does not apply draconic policy to digital currencies.

In Sri Lanka there is no specific legal framework relating Bitcoin, altcoins and ICOs. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) seems to be supportive of virtual currencies. But, officials of CBSL consider cryptocurrencies as plans for the future; this position could be partially explained by a relatively low Internet penetration rate in Sri Lanka, which makes most of its citizens still unaware of Bitcoin. In any case, purchasing and selling digital currencies in the territory of Sri Lanka is not against the law of the country.

Cryptocurrency is not considered medium of exchange in Sri Lanka. Thus, they are considered goods or commodities. In the country operate many services offering trading and investing in digital assets. Bitcoin and Ethereum are most frequently used compared to other crypto assets.

Below you will find the list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, functioning in Sri Lanka:

  1. CEX.IO;
  2. Etoro;
  3. Kraken and Kraken Pro;
  4. Coinmama;
  5. Paybis;
  6. Binance;
  7. Paxful;
  8. LocalBitcoins;
  9. Changelly;
  10. Poloniex;
  11. Bitsquare;
  12. Huobi.

Can I Legally Double my Bitcoins in Sri Lanka?

As BTC and all related services are not illegal in Sri Lanka, you can openly apply your bitcoins for various purposes. Bitcoin doubling is a legit process in the country, that you can practice without issues with the law. We advise you to use only trusted Bitcoin doublers and increase your crypto funds securely.

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