Israeli Regulator of Stock Market Engaged Solutions on the Blockchain

Israeli Security Administration (ISA) has integrated into its inner systems the technology of distributed registry, Finance Magnates informs.

Israeli Regulator in the Blockchain Sphere
Israel in the blockchain sphere

The process of integration occurs in two stages. During the first phase the Yael system has been involved, which provides connection with accountable structures.

The ISA representatives have noted that blockchain allows transmitting information more reliably, because it ensures the confirmation of information`s authenticity and prevents falsifications and data deletion. Besides, recipients are not able to deny the fact of data receiving from an addresser.

At the next stage it`s supposed the introduction of voting system – Etsboa-on. This system allows investors participate in meetings without personal presence. Current stage has not been finished yet.

In addition, the department plans to implement blockchain into its control system. In ISA they have clarified that this process will take three months and its realization is the task of IT-company Taidor.

BTC doubler 2x notes that Israeli regulatory environment can be hardly called friendly to blockchain technologies. So, June 1st June in the discussed country entered into force the low about counter money laundering using cryptocurrency, which is equated to financial assets. Several months earlier ISA announced the exclusion from listing of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange the shares of cryptocurrency companies.

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