Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is the Sense of the Internet

The founder and G.M. of payment company Square, which allows users exchange Bitcoin, and also the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey has once again expressed his confidence that Bitcoin will become the single currency on the Internet. First time he claimed about this in May 2018.

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is the Sense of the Internet - BTC dobler news
Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is the Sense of the Internet – news BitcoinDoubler2x.com

“Bitcoin was created on the Internet, was developed on the Internet and was tested on the Internet. It is the sense of the Internet”, – Dorsey claimed in the interview with Joe Rogan.

Rogan has asked Dorsey if they plan to add to the Square application support of any other cryptocurrency, and Dorsey has answered that Bitcoin is quite enough.

“Look at the large banks. All of them prefer blockchain, because this technology gives tremendous efficiency to financial business and to new directions of business. Wherein, blockchain can threaten some services, which are provided by banks and financial institutions, and even some states”, – Dorsey noted.

Bitcoindoubler2x.com learned that he also thinks that in the future Internet will become such a network, where every piece of created content stays here forever. Development of blockchain technology can contribute this moment and developers should pay attention at this.

“We enter the world, where once created thing will exist forever, where will be no centralized content control. Everything will be absolutely decentralized and those obstacles, which we have today, will just stop their existence”, – Dorsey finished.

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