Jeremy Allaire: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Continue Growing

According to CEO of payment startup Circle Jeremy Allaire, more and more people see the worth of digital assets, and this means that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies go on growing.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Continue Growing - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Continue Growing – invest with

At “Squawk Box” program on CNBC channel, where main topic was recent BTC rate increase above $11 000, Allaire supposed that Bitcoin would continue its growth. He said that during “cryptocurrency winter” institutional investors were accumulating assets, and Bitcoin and blockchain were building up infrastructure and other fundamental factors.

Jeremy Allaire also stressed that institutional investors were waiting for “blockchains of new generation”, such as Algorand, Cosmos and Libra. According to him, these blockchains will help growth of the first cryptocurrency, because they will create ramified and wide ecosystem. In particular, Libra, developed by Facebook, may become payment means or be used for paying salaries and taxes.

“More and more people see the value of safe digital assets” – Circle CEO stressed.

BitcoinDoubler2x notes that if yesterday BTC was traded above $11 000, so at the moment of article posting bitcoin rate has increased by 11% and reached the level of January 2018 – $12 000.

Besides, earlier Allaire has expressed the opinion that Facebook cryptocurrency emergence will be useful for the whole industry and will contribute growth and development of digital currencies. He also believes that in the future blockchain will completely change civil society.

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