KPMG: Blockchain Introduction Depends on Team`s Professionalism

KPMG audit company, that is a member of “Big Four”, has determined basic skills, which are necessary for blockchain specialists – learned.

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KPMG Blockchain Introduction Depends on Team`s Professionalism – invest with

Last year most heads of the companies in the sphere of finance and taxation didn`t consider the opportunity of blockchain usage. However, as KPMG informs, this year more and more companies intend to discover this technology in the context of its introduction into their business processes.

“Blockchain based projects won`t be successful without a multi-faceted team, that shouldn`t consist only of technologists”, – KPMG analysts note, stressing four major skills, necessary for specialists` progress in this field.

Necessary Skills for Blockchain Specialists

Company’s representatives claim that successful blockchain introduction depends on the existence in a team specialists, having as technological literacy, as well as business acumen.

“A specialist must deeply realize all the specific business processes. This will allow determining and develop the most sought variant of usage and value proposition for a project. Technological literacy consists in understanding the process of blockchain operation. Also, it’s very important to realize how to apply this knowledge in a specific situation”, – KPMG thinks.

According to company`s analysts, specialists of this sphere must have data analysis skills to understand the ways of their grouping in blockchain. Also, not less important is “hacker mentality”, which lets explore and experiment with the technology by “hacking a problem”. This method assists to understand from different points of view possible variants of problem`s occurrence.

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