Michael Arrington: Binance is More Important for Altcoins, Than Other Exchanges

According to Michael Arrington – the founder of TechCrunch and the partner of Arrington – Binance became not only one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, but also important zone for altcoins.

Binance is More Important for Altcoins, Than Other Exchanges - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Binance is More Important for Altcoins, Than Other Exchanges – invest with bitcoindoubler2x.com

“With the exception of Korea, Binance website becomes more important for altcoins, than all other exchanges together. This is a good variant for BNB tokens owners, however, this is poorly for the whole market. This also means that the platform should be careful about competing. For instance, they should promote Binance Chain for new tokens. Binance Chain must compete due to its own advantages”, – Michael Arrington claimed on Twitter social network.

It`s true, Binance has become one of the largest companies on crypto arena, and Binance Launchpad platform is the first and best known platform for initial exchange placement. On the exchange`s popularity has also influenced the statement of Bitwise company, which says that trading volume on the Binance exchange corresponds to reality.

Bitcoin doubler 2x stresses that Arrington`s words about competition haven`t left without attention of Binance head Changpeng Zhao. “I said the same thing to my team” – he wrote on his Twitter.

Besides, Arrington noted the part of Tron project`s founder Justin Sun in understanding the regulatory atmosphere in the US: “Justin Sun is the indicator of cryptocurrencies regulation in the USA. He lives in San Francisco, but if he suddenly run away from the country or was arrested, this would mean that in the USA would begin active steps. This will be the war”, – Arrington claimed.

It`s interesting, that earlier the head of Binance Changpeng Zhao called people all over the world to accept cryptocurrencies. According to his opinion, now is taking place formation of the finance future and Bitcoin stays in the center of this process.

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