Michael Novogratz: Bitcoin and Ethereum Continue Growing

Michael Novogratz, the founder of cryptocurrency fund Galaxy Digital, thinks that after Bitcoin miners` reward halving investors will continue purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Continue Growing

In his interview on CNBC Fast Money Novogratz has stressed that institutional investors go on demonstrating interest in the first cryptocurrency.

“I expect that people will buy back at $8000 or $8500. We see how very big money is interested in bitcoin. We see how very rich people, funds invest in the first cryptocurrency. It seems that everyone invests in it”, — Novogratz said.

Michael has reminded as Paul Tudor Jones has recently told that Bitcoin is getting ready for a powerful jerk. Now institutional investors wait for BTC growth.

“Ethereum stand out among other projects. It really must develop and be applied for transactions. Today, Bitcoin is rarely used for payments, however, in a couple of years users will come on this platform. Then there will be a wave effect, developers will come, coders will come, and users will come”, — Michael Novogratz claimed.

In March Novogratz has told that 2020 will become the year of Bitcoin growth. It is possible that he will have right.

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