Microsoft Registered Blockchain Platform for Agriculture in Brazil

Microsoft corporation registered in Brazil the apps package, intended to increase efficiency of country`s agricultural sector. This might be useful for you to learn about how to double your bitcoins legit.

Microsoft Registered Blockchain Platform for Agriculture in Brazil - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Microsoft Registered Blockchain Platform for Agriculture in Brazil – invest with

Bitcoin Doubler 2x has learned that FarmBeats technology uses blockchain, drones, the Internet, artificial Intelligence and a lot of data to increase productivity of agricultural industry. It`s working on farms in the USA, India, New Zealand and Kenya, due to this technology water consumption decreased by 30%.

Ranveer Chandra – the scientist, created FarmBeats, noted that agricultural sector can`t keep up new technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. He also informed, that even hunting industry had digital changes, despite the tact that its field is much less.

“Brazil is one of the first countries, which comes to mind, when we talk about agriculture. We created FarmBeats with an aim that this technology can be applied here and in other developing countries”.

Sense of Blockchain in Agriculture

In the post it`s noted that new technologies` meaning is growing, because farmers try to earn a living, competing with changing climate and increasing demand for products. Chandra explains that production must increase by 70% in the nearest 30 years, if global food need is satisfied.

The scientist called Brazilian government to introduce the technology and subsidize it similarly to agricultural equipment and fertilizers. In addition to helping farmers in more effective resources` usage, FarmBeats can increase prolificness, providing important statistics about temperature, humidity and nutrients in the soil.

Recently the influence of Microsoft in blockchain industry is growing. Lately LVMH, Microsoft and ConsenSys made blockchain platform for authentication of luxury goods, and little earlier Microsoft launched the instrument of users identification on Bitcoin blockchain. In the middle of previous month the leading supplier of aircraft engine GE Aviation claimed that it would track parts manufacturing, and also delivery and operation of finished products on Microsoft Azure blockchain platform.

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