New Heights: Bitcoin Rate Reached the Point $8 800

After the consolidation period, at night May 27 Bitcoin rate started growing again. Breaking resistance at the point of $8 500, the price of the first cryptocurrency reached the level $8 900 and then it dropped to $8 800.

Bitcoin Rate Reached the Point $8 800 - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Bitcoin Rate Reached the Point $8 800 – invest with

BitcoinDoubler2x notes that BTC has been consolidating for quite a long time. May 17 Bitcoin rate had difficulty and even declined to the level of $6 600. However, soon it came back to $7 300.

The reason for such a jump was a significant growth in trading volumes. According to CoinMarketCap, trading volumes increased by $10,3 mlrd. Wherein, by the index “Real 10”, that was provided by Bitwise company, the growth made just $3,1 mlrd.

It`s interesting, that BTC rate has led to the growth of other assets. So, when Bitcoin grew by 8,24%, BSV increased at once by 17%, and TRX – by 13%. ETH added to its price about 7%, and XRP – 6,6%. In such a way, total capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached the point $268 mlrd.

Analysts think that next strong resistance wait at the point $9 650. Pay attention, Weiss Rating agency before predicted Bitcoin rate decrease. Also, analyst Anthony Grisanti expressed his opinion that the first cryptocurrency`s price would drop to the level $7 000, but this didn`t happen.

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