October 30-31 in Tbilisi will be Held the Celebration of the Anniversary of the White Book of Bitcoin

Ten years ago. 31 October 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto published the White Book of innovative digital currency – Bitcoin – thereby he threw down the gauntlet to the fiat financial system.

White Book of BTC, Tbilisi
The Anniversary of the White Book of BTC, Tbilisi

For these years BTC has grown significantly. Thanks to Bitcoin tens people became millionaires. And now its success try to repeat other cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain technology, that is the base of Bitcoin, also has made a real breakthrough for these years. Humanity received the tool for rescue the financial system from governments and banks. Cryptocurrency industry was born – new field that united tens of thousands people.

Bitcoindoubler2x.com knows that Association of Digital Economy of Georgia (DEAG) invites everybody, who finds the emergence of blockchain and Bitcoin being the most important event in human history, to celebrate the anniversary of the White Book of Bitcoin October 30-31, 2018 in Tbilisi.

The Plan of the Event

For more than 200 participants from ten countries is prepared intensive two-days networking. Speakers will summarize results of last ten years and will tell about their plans for 2039-2020. Representatives of the Georgian government will inform about opportunities of Georgia in cryptocurrency sphere. Besides, Memorandums of cooperation between cryptocurrency communities of different countries will be signed.

Georgian Mining Association will demonstrate opportunities of Georgia in mining field and will conduct an excursion to the mining farm. To investors from China and other countries will be presented variable cryptocurrency projects and will be announced Great Crypto Georgian Tour 2019.

Participants are going to enjoy a banquet with hot Georgian dances and songs, with cutting the holiday cake, with DJ till morning, with chill-out with tasting Georgian wines and with master classes on cooking khachapuri and khinkali. The amount of participants is limited to 250 persons. The anniversary will be covered by leading Georgian media. The holiday is organized with the help of crowdfunding, participants can buy token-tickets only for BTC. Organizers provide participant tokens and sponsored tokens, which open entrance to the stand in demozone, to speaker`s performance and coming several persons.

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