Research: 8% of Chinese Students Own Cryptocurrencies

The poll, conducted by Chinese news agency PANews, has shown that 8% of Chinese students own cryptocurrencies and more than 25% would like to have a job in blockchain industry after graduation – BitcoinDoubler2x has got to know.

8% of Chinese Students Own Cryptocurrencies - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
8% of Chinese Students Own Cryptocurrencies – invest with

Interesting that approximately the same number of respondents (23,6%) know nothing about blockchain. About 8% own digital assets now. And 9% more invested in cryptocurrencies before but gave up doing this because of high asset volatility.

It`s informed that two-thirds of interviewed students know about Bitcoin and 31,6% have heard about Ethereum. Wherein, only 4,6% of respondents have called their knowledge about cryptocurrency industry “very well”. In addition, Students of Chinese colleges mostly don`t pay attention to media reports about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The researchers have also noted that students of economic, engineering and administrative departments know about cryptocurrencies best of all. What is more, students of these departments have expressed the largest interest to blockchain.

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