Research: Blockchain Will Get Massive Support in China

Research department of Asian company Forkcast has conducted an extensive research of blockchain industry in China and it has been discovered that the state treats the technology very positively – BitcoinDoubler2x has got to know.

Blockchain Will Get Massive Support in China - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Blockchain Will Get Massive Support in China – invest with

Blockchain is used both by state institutions and private companies countrywide. Chinese organizations “found application of distributed registry technology in many areas, and this is not about testing, but about real use”.

Analysts have researched the ways how blockchain is applied in Chinese companies, and how it`s used abroad. Wherein, at the report it is stressed that Chine is the leader in the number of patents in the field of blockchain. Besides, People’s Bank of China soon is awaited to run its own cryptocurrency.

In addition, Hainan Open Economic Zone will invest $145 mln in blockchain industry development. And OK Group company, which is the operator of cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin, will invest $140 mln in creation of a special centre for blockchain development in the country.

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