Research: US Citizens aren`t Interested in Stablecoin Libra

Civic Science company conducted among US citizens the poll concerning cryptocurrency project Libra. According to the research`s results, just 5% of all the respondents expressed some interest to the stablecoin.

US Citizens aren`t Interested in Stablecoin Libra - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
US Citizens aren`t Interested in Stablecoin Libra – invest with

Totally, within the poll were asked 1 799 people from different age groups, A report tells that the largest interest Libra has from the youth from 18 to 24 – more than 30% of asked people from this age group use social network Facebook and think that Libra project is “interesting”.

In addition, analysts note that two-thirds of respondents have never bought cryptocurrencies and aren`t interested in them. Bitcoin doubler 2x pays your attention that 21% of all the respondents have never heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at all.

What is more, users` basic advantage from cryptocurrencies consists in long-term investments. That`s why, Libra doesn`t attract people very much, it`s rather payment system, than investment instrument.

Also, crypto users value independence of such assets from countries` authorities. And again, Libra doesn`t fit this criterion completely – although it isn`t owned by the government, stablecoin isn`t decentralized and is managed by the association.

And US citizens gave the last argument against Libra – it was distrust of Facebook. Interesting that 77% of respondents claimed that they didn`t trust the company at all, 40% said that they trusted Libra less than Bitcoin, and 30% chose the variant “trust significantly less”.

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