Samsung Added TRON Support to Samsung Blockchain SDK

South Korean corporation Samsung added support of transactions of TRON cryptocurrency to its set of tools Samsung Blockchain SDK – BitcoinDoubler2x learned.

Samsung Added TRON Support to Samsung Blockchain SDK - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Samsung Added TRON Support to Samsung Blockchain SDK – invest with

By the way, the SEO of blockchain project TRON Justin Sun announced about the start of cooperation with some “mega-corporation”. And now we finally know its name:

“This cooperation will positively affect not only TRX, but also all the tokens TRC-10 and TRC-20, including BTT and WIN. Decentralized apps TRON and tokens will be developing at an accelerated pace and will become available for milliard of clients”, – Sun wrote.

Then, Sun offered his followers to guess the name of the future partner. At the beginning, some of them ridiculed Sun, noting that he “as usual” significantly overstated the scale of the upcoming announcement. A little bit later, appeared on the Internet evidence that this corporation was Samsung.

As a result, guesses were confirmed, because on Tuesday South Korean giant released updated version Samsung Blockchain SDK.

It`s supposed that due to TRON integration into Samsung Blockchain SDK users of smartphone Galaxy S10 will be able to operate with decentralized apps and assets based on the TRON blockchain, including BTT, USDT-TRON and others.

Previous update of Samsung set of tools was in August. At that time, the company added Bitcoin and Klaytn support.

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