The First Public Mining Pool Slush Pool is Planning Rebranding

Czech company Braiins, managing one of the largest bitcoin mining pools – Slush Pool, announced about coming rebranding.

The First Public Mining Pool Slush Pool is Planning Rebranding - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
The First Public Mining Pool Slush Pool is Planning Rebranding – invest with

Today Slush Pool is responsible for more than 9% of Bitcoin network hash rate. Braiins company manages the pool for more than 6 years already, since its purchase. However, the firm itself was staying in the shadows for a long time. And now Braiins wants to stress its part in Slush Pool management, in particular, to change design of logo and all the pool related websites.

“After six years of imperceptible Slush Pool management we are going to take a more open social position”, – Braiins creative director Luboš Buračinský noted.

Besides, Braiins OS, released in September of last year, differs from other built-in programs for mining by the thing that Software is with open initial code. “If you own equipment, you must have full control over it, not worrying about some “closed functions”, – the company explained.

Updates of Braiins Products

Braiins “will replace CGMiner on the implementation of Rust” for Braiins OS. According to company`s representatives, this step will make “new equipment adding much easier”. In addition, Braiins is going to release some updates for their products in the nearest months. The firm is working on a new “payment” function for mining pool, that will let miners better control their rewards receiving.

Bitcoin doubler 2x learned, last year many experts told that mining industry suffered difficulties and was on the verge of extinction in light of prolonged “bear” market. However, this year the situation is changing. In Match Bitcoin network hash rate the first time reached its maximum at the beginning of the year.

Despite various fluctuations, BTC hash rate doesn`t stop moving towards the record of 62 million Tx/s, fixed in August 2018. This will allow talking about timeliness of Slush Pool rebranding and about continued flowering of cryptocurrency market.

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