The Head of US Global Investors: Bitcoin May Become New Gold

Frank Holmes – the head of American company US Global Investors, managing assets, has claimed, that digital currencies are becoming “the alternative class of assets” and they may become new gold.

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Wherein, Frank Holmes believes that in the nearest years gold will stay the most reliable variant for investment. In addition, he noted that Bitcoin pushed off the level of $3200, which turned to be the bottom of the market. And at this very period one of the largest global banks JP Morgan announced about the launch of its own cryptocurrency.

“All the time they were scolding BTC – until February of this year, when they presented its own coin. And suddenly this moment appeared the market`s bottom and Bitcoin started growing”, – Holmes said.

Also, he has stressed that the amount of bitcoin wallets increases even while cryptocurrency market decreasing. has learned that Holmes thinks this has become the background for new “bulls growth”. Besides, according to Holmes, digital assets market must recover much faster in comparison with traditional markets.

“This correction may last for a year. But we`ll gradually overcome it, and Bitcoin will become new alternative asset, such as gold is”, – the head of US Global Investors told.

On the other hand, Holmes thinks gold will for a long time stay one of the leading assets. He even touched the “stupid millennials,” who “try to protest against everything, but they themselves do not know against what.”

“They should study. Open a book and realize why gold is so important. They should understand why the country must keep its stocks in gold. After all, if there is a crisis in the country, then paper money quickly loses in value, and gold remains valuable”. – Holmes said.

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