Top three Promising Cryptocurrencies

Let`s consider three types of the most promising types of cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin) , which can bring good profit.

Top three Promising Cryptocurrencies BTC Doubler
Top three Promising Cryptocurrencies – News


Ripple differs from Bitcoin. In current time it`s popular among Western banks and trading enterprises. Ripple cryptocurrency works by analogy to typical payment systems, 0,000001 XRP fee is usually taken. Initially, in circulation one hundred billion coins has been released, in course of time their amount will be decreasing. At the very beginning of 2017 the cost of one Ripple`s coin made 0,6 cent. At the current moment it values 20 cents, as BTC has costed at its start. In the period of the highest demand for cryptocurrency Ripple`s value was 31 cents. Less than for a year its profit has made 3000%. No doubt, this type of cryptocurrency has some kind of success. Ripple has good chances, on condition of its active promotion.


It`s upgraded variant of Bitcoin. BTC Doubler informs that Litecoin`s operation is based on the usage of similar algorithms. At the same time, it owns greater security and efficiency. There are altogether 84 million Litecoins in the world. Mining of this cryptocurrency is profitable in any way,

At the beginning of 2017 Litecoin costed $4. In the period of the highest demand for cryptocurrency it was about $70, annual income made 1300 percent. Litecoin can also be attributed to promising cryptocurenccies. However, it directly depends on BTC. Till Bitcoin will be on high positions, Litecoin also will have success.


Dash is a kind of Bitcoin`s analogue too, but it differs by total anonymity. Today this cryptocurrency is still little-known for making investments. At the beginning of 2017 Dash valued $11. At the current moment its worth is $327. At top of Dash`s popularity users could get $390 for a coin. Annual profit was 3000%.

No doubt, this cryptocurrency has large perspective, because it offers the best adventure ever – absolute anonymity in transactions and payments, which are searched by modern society. The greater demand, the higher price.

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