Will Bitcoin Double Every Year

According to Willy Woo expert, the number of Bitcoin users and investors will double every year (12 months).

Will Bitcoin Double Every Year - invest with bitcoin doubler 2x
Will Bitcoin Double Every Year – invest with bitcoindoubler2x.com

Analysing data from Google, Woo has come to a conclusion that BTC doubles the amount of its users every 371 days. The expert writes on his Woobull blog:

“What we have here is stable exponential increase of baseline with periodic peaks. These peaks correspond to price bubbles, where more and more users begin checking the price of their valuable coins. Taking information from baseline leads to magnitude growth every 3,375 years. In other words, it takes about 12 months to double user base”.

From the point of adoption, Woo waits for classical S-shaped curved as trend for Bitcoin, as it happens with other innovative technologies, like radio, TV and Internet.

“If I supposed Bitcoin’s adoption curve will be a symmetric S-curve, we would reach 50% adoption in 9 more years. However, to complete the last half of the S will need 17 more years 26 years from today,” – he said.

Willy Woo positions himself as a quite popular resource of analysis in BTC sphere. Although, his posts in social networks cause both praise and criticism.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Will Double Again

Bitcoin`s price is always moving forward and today we can watch its significant growth. And this saying nothing about opinions of many experts, who claim that value of the first cryptocurrency will reach ita record point in $50 000- $100 000 for the nearest years. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin`s price will double again and this will surely happen not once. We propose you not to wait year or two till BTC will increase, and double it right now, starting to earn with investment project bitcoindoubler2x.com.

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